Our Mission: The VCU Health Family Care Center serves to build a strong community one child and one family at a time.  We believe that we are all life long learners and authentic learning begins with the family, thereforeusing a family-centered approach in educating our children is the foundation for all future learning.


Our Northside Community


The VCU Health Family Care Center at Northside opened in July 2010. as a collaborative model that  provides meaningful educational opportunities for individuals and families in Richmond’s Northside. Bringing together a number of family resources, the VCU Health System has committed to respond with an all inclusive approach to the complex needs of children and families, including providing child care.


Located in the center of the Northside community, the children are surrounded with opportunities to interact daily with all that the city has to offer. An enriched environment for discovery provides experiential learning opportunities that maximize the development of each child.  


MCV and VDOT Locations


VCUHS Child Care at Northside is part of a larger unit known as VCUHS Family Care Services.  Available to VCUHS, VCU, and state employees, the MCV and VDOT locations offer quality child care and adult day services.


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Northside News


The center and our staff are always committed to creating the healthiest environment for the children and families in our care...

July 3, 2014


At the end of this month we will be celebrating and saying goodbye to some of our preschool friends and families...

June 2, 2014


As we begin a new month it seems as though many of us are prepping for transitions...

May 2, 2014