VCUHS Family Care Services


Over a quarter century ago, the VCU Health Child Care Center became one of the first employer sponsored on-site child care centers in Virginia.  It has established a rich tradition of commitment to quality of care for children and families, and serving to assist employees with the challenges of work-life balance.  Our average employee at VCU Health is more than 40 years old, which is squarely in the range of those who might be caring for their own children and other adults. Through our comprehensive Family Care Center, VCU Health offers our employees on-site child and adult day care to make their caregiving responsibilities as convenient as possible. This intergenerational approach is unique in our region.  Our child care program has contributed to the distinctive achievements of the VCU Health, including: recognition as the Greater Richmond Employer of Choice; Working Mother’s Top 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers; and The Center for Companies that Care in recognition of creating a nurturing environment and one that encourages community involvement.

VCU Health Child Care at MCV
(804) 828-7651

The VCU Health Child Care offers a continuum of care beginning with infancy and extending through the preschool years.  This provides the opportunity to develop long term relationships and establish trust so essential to balancing the complexities of work and family life.  Our intergenerational program provides magnificent opportunities to blend the wonder of the infant and young child with the wisdom of our adult neighbors.

Adult Day Services
(804) 828-8067

VCU Health employees and the members of Richmond community who are caring for an aging adult — any adult, regardless of the relationship to the employee — can take advantage of the VCUHS on-site Adult Day Services Program. Housed in the VCUHS Family Care Center on the MCV Campus, the Adult Day Services Program continues to provide employees with peace of mind, knowing that their adult loved one is cared for during the day. The program features intergenerational interaction with children in the adjacent Child Care Center. Other highlights include music and art therapy, cooking and craft classes, guest lectures, gardening and current events discussions.


Download the Adult Day Services Brochure.


VCU Health Child Care at VDOT
(804) 786-1635

Within walking distance of most of the state agencies, our VDOT location is open to VCU Health employees as well as employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This unique partnership allows VCUHS to provide quality care for children 6 weeks to 5 years at a location in close proximity to their working family members.


Download the Child Care Brochure/Application.